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March 27 2015

Man From The Past, a cautionary tale from The Well Below (Downright Bockedy, 2011).

Clocks go forward on Saturday 28th March. Conformity is advised.

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January 18 2015

Phil Barrett's Visual Storytelling night class is happening again for Spring 2015. See blackshapes for the nitty gritty.

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January 16 2015

From a cautionary tale with Tiffy, at Mindpuss. (Loving the evocative colours.)

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January 10 2015

"If he could lighten up a little, think his plots through, create a couple of sympathetic protagonists, draw faster and not publish the results in over priced albums then he might still have something to bring to the table…"

Andrew Moreton reviews Charles Burns's Sugar Skull at FA Online.

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January 5 2015

At Rob Jackson's Comics Blog: Rob's rolling out his comic Segway, and it's funny stuff. Just go read it, you dunderous oafs!

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January 3 2015

From Job Cat by Rob Jackson - no flees, but there's a scratcher involved. Purrfect stuff!

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At Salvo's Salvo: the pre-existing comic Self-Assembly by Gar Shanley and Cathal Duggan (recently put together as the short film of the same name by Ray Sullivan, from instructions by Shanley).

Warning: a few screws may be missing.

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December 3 2014

Paddy Brown's site redesign is ripe for exploration; amongst the uncovered gems, the four-page What's Roy Thinking (with script by Gar Shanley) - torn from the tear-drenched pages of Romantic Mayhem.

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November 27 2014

SELF-ASSEMBLY from Ray Sullivan on Vimeo.

Short film Self-Assembly, directed by Ray Sullivan and written by Garret Shanley. Based on the Windell comic & characters created by Gar Shanley & Cathal Duggan.

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November 10 2014

Blue Bags and sketchy characters at the Blackshapes tumblr.

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October 21 2014

“They (Smoky Man and publisher Omar Martini) were producing a 32-page comic-book sized tribute book to celebrate Alan Moore’s 50th birthday, and would I like to publish the English language version? Somehow this turned into the 352-page volume (Portrait Of An Extraordinary Gentleman) that was published in Spring 2003. By the end of it, I had bags under my eyes, my hair was streaked with grey, I had neglected to shave for months, and when I looked in the bathroom mirror I saw Alan Moore staring back out at me."

Nevs Coleman interviews Gary Spencer Millidge over at FA The Comiczine.

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October 6 2014

From This Water Will Be White by Cathal Duggan - a short evocative comic which oozes earthly unearthliness, now showing at Salvo's Salvo. It's a stunning insinuation of bereavement and loneliness, and odd as fuck.

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October 5 2014

Patrick Brown's 2014 24-Hour Comic: A Personal Narrative. Well worth a read.

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October 3 2014

Make some surrogate friends at Rory McConville's tumblr.

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October 2 2014

Bangor Community Radio's Arts Hour broadcasts a comics special tonight (Thursday). Interviews with Andy Luke, Stephen Downey and Paddy Brown are livestreamed here from 6pm to 7, and collected on Soundcloud here next week.

This weekend is 24 Hour Comics Day: here's a link to Paddy Brown's from a few years back to show what can be achieved.

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September 25 2014

Honestly, I can’t imagine how you settle down and try to make sense of Previews if you don’t have a strong working knowledge in the history of adspeak, a study of Naomi Klein’s No Logo and George Orwell’s 1984 and the attitude “Okay, how are they going to try to get us to overorder ourselves into bankruptcy this month?”

Over at FA Online: Nevs Coleman's insightful piece on the perils of Funnybook retailing.

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September 14 2014

Phil Barrett's course in comic making returns. More details on Visual Storytelling at Blackshapes.

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September 11 2014

Strange sounds emanating - Listen at Salvo's Salvo.

Meanwhile, Fugger knots the tees and crosses the eyes...

"(Dieter) and Annabelle had two children. The first was a girl they named 'First' and the second was a boy they named 'Third'. They were trying for a Second."

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August 20 2014

From Blackshapes.com:

You can get your own 'note' as part of the Double Deal over on Blackshapes Books. This offer won't be available after the end of August so act now if you want to take advantage!

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August 15 2014

A tumblr with Balls - courtesy of Rory McConville and Phil Barrett.

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August 9 2014

To End All Wars is now available: a 320 page collection, it features 27 tales from comixers of 13 different countries. Well researched, it tells untold tales of the Great War.

 In addition to featuring the Bugpowder blogging two-some on strip 'Bottomley - Brand of Britain', it also features Brit luminaries such as Brick (New Internationalist), Selina Lock (The Girly Comic), Sean Michael Wilson (Operation Iraq Corporate Takeover), Arthur Goodman (Favourite Crayon Stories), Joe Gordon (Forbidden Planet International Blog) and that legend of UK underground comics on WW1, Stan Martin (Terrible Sunrise)

 Interested press are welcome to contact publishers, Soaring Penguin Press, for details.


Links: Book websiteForbidden Planet International, AmazonBBC News, The Independent, Soaring Penguin Press

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August 6 2014

Rory McConville and George Gousis go old school with The Face at Rory's tumblr.

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July 28 2014

Blackshapes Books, a new publishing imprint for alternative comics in Ireland, is celebrating the launch of its first two titles with an attractive offer: for a limited time get both books - Unlucky Unlikely and In Bits - plus a personalised note for only £10.

Find PDF extracts, note samples by one of Ireland's most respected cartoonists - Phil Barrett - and further details at the Blackshapes Books shop.

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July 25 2014

From the John Robbins Limited tumblr.

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July 19 2014

This way, please, for Salvo's Salvo. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

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July 7 2014

Interviews and images galore at the Rhizome tumblr...

"I’ve always been fascinated by apocalyptic civilization-ending scenarios. Maybe it’s my Pentecostal upbringing. I was raised to believe that the end of everything I’d ever known was always right around the corner." - Tyler Stafford

"I’ve got a short graphic novel very slowly coming into being. It deals with issues of energy scarcity, and subsequent food scarcity. As things stand, it doesn’t have a happy ending." - Nick Soucek

"I just draw coward or victim characters in the same way –they’re just fatter versions of me." - Dave Huxley

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The Monday Room, an eleven-page comic by Rory McConville and Ken Mahon.

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June 29 2014

BBC Radio 4's website is hosting twelve comic strip co-commissions to mark the WW1 centenary. Steve Bell, John McCrea, Posy Simmonds, Ralph Steadman, Woodrow Phoenix and a bunch more.

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June 17 2014

From the blog of Rob Jackson: 'RhiZome Volume 2' has just arrived back from the printers and is now on sale at my website shop. It's priced at £4.50 with free postage in the UK. Please add £2 postage for the rest of the world. It's 48 black and white pages with colour covers, halfway between A4 and A5 in size. It looks really good!

It's got stories by S Tyler Stafford, Kyle Baddeley-Read, and Rob Jackson. A text story by John Robbins. A story and back cover by Dave Huxley. A story from Nick Soucek, and an interview with Tony Husband about Oink!

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June 10 2014

Day 9 of Phil Barrett's thirty-day drawing challenge - from his tumblr.

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June 9 2014

From the tumblr of Irish writer Rory McConville, two comics...

The Red Skeleton (by Rory McConville and Adrian Bago Gonzalez)

The Babymaker And The Belgian (by Rory McConville, Ryan Cody and Deirdre deBarra)

Writes Rory: I’ll be using this as a spot to keep people updated on any comics projects I’m working on. There’ll be a new comic every month as well as bits and pieces about other projects I’m working on.

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May 30 2014

RhiZome #2 is to have a June release. It's 48 pages of comics and related content by Kyle Baddeley-Read, Rob Jackson, Tyler Stafford and others. Keep your eyes on- and your nitrous oxide mask attached to- the Rhizome tumblr for sneak-peeks and further details.

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May 29 2014

The deckchairs are in storage, Punch & Judy are hibernating, there's not a candyfloss in sight - life in an off-season seaside town can be glum-enough, lad. But even in the coal-mining hands of Rob Jackson there's a chance the sea will deliver the soft sand early this year. Get your paddling feet on for Knott End.

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May 19 2014

News at Blackshapes about Buzz, a deadly new comic based on the audio recordings of Dublin city kids. Buzzin'!

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May 18 2014

FA got it goin' on.

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May 16 2014

Subscription details for the line-up of summer titles from Cardboard Press.

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April 26 2014

One of Lee Kennedy's Inner City Pagan strips in colour for the first time, at FA the comiczine. Exquisite!

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April 17 2014

Great news for alternative comics in Ireland - from Paddy Lynch's tumblr: The new Cardboard Press site is starting to come together. Summer titles to be announced soon!

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April 1 2014

Wednesday's Independent has a feature on To End All Wars: WW1 Graphic Novel due out from Soaring Press this Summer.

Contributors include Selina Lock, Charlie Adlard, Sean Michael Wilson, Jenny Linn Cole, Russell Wall, Kate Charlesworth, John Robbins, Ruairi Coleman, Jessica Martin, John Maybury, Joe Gordon, editors Jonathan Clode and Brick, and many many others. Me too. Web article online.

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March 25 2014

Trailer for Digital Story Engine's 'Graphic Novel Man' docu about the work of Bryan Talbot.

Wildseed Studios and Ralph Kidson: God and Jesus

A new update on the Belfast Comics Blog.


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