Posting to the BugPowder weblogs

A very simple guide by Pete Ashton

BugPowder uses a program called Movable Type to manage the various weblogs on the site. It can be a little daunting at first but it's really very easy. If after reading through this you're still confuses feel free to get in touch.

Logging In

In order to log in to Movable Type go to and, well, log in:

Remember to tick the "Remember Me" box so you stay logged in forever.

Posting an Entry to the Blog

When you've logged in you'll see a listing of the blogs you're allowed to post to.

Click on "New Entry".

You're now at the "Create New Entry" page. If there are a dazzing number of boxes and menus (if there isn't I may have disabled them for you) don't worry. The only ones you need are Title and Entry Body.

Write your entry in the box. If you're posting a link type it in as shown above, and remember the http:// bit.

Now find the "Save" button...

...and click on it. You'll see a message telling you the entry is being rebuilt for a few seconds before returning to the Editing form. If you realise you've made a mistake you can make changes and Save again.

Have a look at the blog page and check everything has worked. If it has then congratulations - you've posted to a BugPowder blog!

There are many other useful features in Movable Type so have a dig around and play with them, and again, come to me with any questions, no matter how stupid sounding.

Pete Ashton
June 2004