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If you're new to small press comics this article on Wikipedia may help.

About BugPowder

BugPowder is not a group, co-operative, publisher, clique, gang or club. It serves to reflect and report on the UK and Irish small press, self published and hand-made comics scene, encouraging a sharing of ideas and fostering a sense of community. As such anyone in the UK small press scene is welcome to get involved at whatever level they feel able, be it posting regularly to the weblog or just sending in information now and then.

If you're involved with small press comics and think BugPowder fails miserably at covering the stuff you're aware of then you're the perfect potential contributor, so get in touch.

BugPowder has recently evolved into a self-sustaining noticeboard for the small press community. It was originally developed and run by Pete Ashton from 2000 to early 2006. The power behind the throne is Jez Higgins who also looks after the TRS2 reviews.

Submitting links to the BugPowder Weblog

If you've been reading the weblog for a while you'll have an idea of the sorts of subjects covered, but in summary:

BugPowder generally posts short links rather than whole press releases so keep it brief and if you have more info and samples of work online make sure you include the URLs. A thousand words with loads of attachments does not a good email make.

Email stuff to . All regular contributors to the weblog have access to this account and if they think it's of interest it'll be posted.